News From The Cape
First of all our heartfelt thanks to our supporters. It is indeed encouraging to know that there are people who think as we do and who care as we do. Believe me, what is taking place in the Cape Area is nothing short of a miracle. We are truly grateful for your backing.

One of our primary goals is to help people at large to realise that our Senior Citizens deserve to be recognised as valuable national assets. They deserve to be respected and lauded for their achievements and for the important contribution that they have made, and that they continue to make. We should not allow their present circumstances to dim our view of the many productive years that they have contributed to our economy, to society and to our world. Many of our older `old friends’ went to war for this country and for the Allied cause – they entered that war for their country and their countrymen. As we bask in our present freedoms, can we ever forget those who risked their all in order to secure freedom for future generations?

Five Senior Citizens from the Tygerberg Meals On Wheels Service Center decided that it was time for the aged to do something special for the young. In their spare time they sought sponsorships and gathered together “a literal mountain” of toys and clothing for the needy children at the Tygerberg Hospital. Said Mrs Helene Louw, Senior Social Worker at Tygerberg Hospital, “We were deeply and emotionally touched by this wonderful act of caring.” (Which only goes to prove the point – Senior Citizens are quite capable of weaving strong and colourful threads into the tapestry of society).

The Tygerberg Meals on Wheels Service Center now has a proud record of over 30 years of service to the community. The latest addition to their lineup of special services is a mobile clinic that has been specially equipped to provide primary health care to the elderly and needy in the community. Dubbed `Health on Wheels,’ the mobile clinic offers a wide variety of medical services including consultations, guidance, first aid, blood pressure, pulse rate, cholesterol and temperature tests. Basically the clinic serves as a screening facility and, wherever necessary, Senior Citizens receive counsel and are referred to appropriate professional help. The unit has been inspected and approved by the Health Department. It is manned by a registered senior health care worker. So far the clinic has enjoyed such success that a second vehicle has been donated for use in the Boland area.

Recently a special tea was held at the Parow Civic Center to raise funds for Meals on Wheels For The Aged. Many donations and sponsorships were received and a wonderful time was had by all. The mayor of Parow welcomed the quests. Amorè Bekker served as compère and Mary Holroyd of Weigh-Less acted as the main speaker – giving valuable tips on weight control. Most of the guests were ladies, but there was one gentleman who stole all of the hearts . . . Manuel Escorcio was the guest artist and he sang his special brand of magic into the event. Sponsors were also given an opportunity to display and to advertise their products and services and much positive feedback was received. Our special thanks go out to the Meals On Wheels voluntary helpers who worked tirelessly to make this event such a great success. Once again we were touched by your unselfishness and your genuine concern for the plight of the elderly in our country.

Thanks to a special Meals on Wheels initiative, 640 Senior Citizens enjoyed a train trip to Simonstown. Lunch packs were donated by the Mayor of Cape Town. Some enjoyed their lunch on the beach while the less mobile were served and entertained on the train. The rest of the day was spent sight-seeing. A visit to the Naval Museum was greatly enjoyed by all. A tired but very happy group of `old friends’ were returned home in the afternoon.