Report From Johannesburg
We have just recently started delivering 80 meals twice a week to one of the local schools. This follows an urgent appeal from the school headmaster who had discovered that these 80 children were coming to school hungry on most days.

Having been approached by the Salvation Army, we are now supplying them with specially prepared meals for AIDS patients who are in their care. In order to preserve the dignity of these patients, the Salvation Army staff are collecting and delivering these meals.

One of our voluntary helpers, a pensioner, has not received his pension for some months. This left him in a situation where he was unable to pay his rent. We are glad to report that a commercial organization is now sponsoring R500-00 per month and has agreed to do so until the problem with his pension payout has been resolved.

On the matter of pension payouts, we need to report that a number of Senior Citizens on our delivery route are no longer receiving their pensions. One elderly couple who care for their handicapped son are having to survive on the son’s disability pension – and the help of Meals on Wheels of course.

Please pass on our grateful thanks to all who are sponsoring meals. Without their help, we could never carry on this service of mercy.